Category: Digestion

So we already know the pancreas is a bit dodgy in most CFers. But over the years, I’ve developed something called Hypoglycaemia. There are two types of hypos you can get, the first is from Diabetes where I believe some medication can lower the blood sugar below normal. However, my hypos are not because of […]

  Have you ever been to the doctors and they ask to weigh you?  So you walk to the scales and before you step on they ask you to remove your shoes.  You start trying to unpick the double knot you tied earlier.  You make small talk with the person waiting to weigh you.  Eventually you manage to get […]

CF is a genetically inherited condition that affects the lungs and the digestive system.  The gritty side of it is that I have a faulty gene which produces sticky mucus that clogs up the lungs and digestive system.  I know it’s gross, but it is what it is.  And there’s no cure.  Yet.   Living with CF ain’t no walk in […]