My Dad used to say to me ‘How do you eat an elephant?’ after I replied with either ‘I wouldn’t’ or a sarcastic ‘with a knife and fork?’,  he would say ‘one mouthful at a time.’ The elephant stated is not so much referred to as the animal, but to the animals size.  What my […]

So it’s August. And today I wanted to talk about something which has weighed heavily on my mind for the last few weeks. Being a Failure. Feeling like you’ve failed at something is totally rubbish. Because it sucks out any hope you have left. So what exactly have I ‘failed’ at? Basically, in a nut […]

Germs.  They are all around us and impossible to totally eliminate.  Now we all know it’s important to keep clean and on top of the housework but perhaps more so for us CFers. Why’s that, you ask? Well because the CF lungs produce sticky mucus, it provides a perfect home for germs and bacteria to […]

Mental Health. A tough subject to tackle yet a necessary one to discuss. I’ve been trying to write this post since September last year (about six months now!!) and because it required me to delve into the depths of my brain and pull out chunks of my past, I understandably kept putting it off! I […]

For the last two weeks I’ve been on IVs, and yesterday I finally finished. It’s strange when you’re on them because time travels so slowly but so quickly at the same time. I certainly won’t miss them nor will I miss wrapping my arm in cling film for showers! I don’t mind making them up […]

Three days after a good hospital checkup and four days before flying out to Menorca, I woke up with a sore throat. It was the beginnings of a cold, I could tell. As the day progressed, my head felt stuffy and full of cotton wool, my eyes were beginning to stream, muscles beginning to ache. […]

WARNING!!  This is a very ‘information heavy’ post!  When I began researching cross infection, I really went into depth.  So if it gets a bit much then feel free to check out one of my other posts like ‘Life at Work’ or ‘Surviving School’ And if you do make it to the end, then you deserve a pat […]

How was it discovered? In my mind, Cystic Fibrosis has been going on for 40, maybe 50 years tops. But doing the research into it is rather interesting. CF was apparently mentioned in European folklore in the Middle Ages… for anyone who doesn’t know how long ago that is, it was between the 5th and […]

I was nine. It was December 2003, and I had fallen ill with a cold. When nothing improved, I was taken to the doctors just before Christmas and they gave me some medication. But unfortunately it didn’t work. I distinctly remember being at my Aunty Cath’s house for Christmas, and I started feeling really sick […]

So we already know the pancreas is a bit dodgy in most CFers. But over the years, I’ve developed something called Hypoglycaemia. There are two types of hypos you can get, the first is from Diabetes where I believe some medication can lower the blood sugar below normal. However, my hypos are not because of […]

I’ve had a few interesting experiences with being at work and living with CF, so I thought I’d share some of them below.  Some will undoubtedly make you shake your fists at the screen, because it sure has made me do just that by reliving it! I left school with reasonable A-Level and GCSE results, but […]

Remember the good old days of school?  The days of passing notes to each other in class, or trying to find the online games that weren’t blocked… The days of messing around but never getting told off because you were known as the quiet one… But alas, it was probably one of the toughest hurdles I […]

Have you ever thought that having IVS were like a SWAT team going into the veins to take out the bad guys (bugs)? For Example: Command: Listen up all teams, we have a hostile situation in the lungs and your mission is to eliminate them.  Use all appropriate force of action. Is everyone clear? Ok all […]

  Have you ever been to the doctors and they ask to weigh you?  So you walk to the scales and before you step on they ask you to remove your shoes.  You start trying to unpick the double knot you tied earlier.  You make small talk with the person waiting to weigh you.  Eventually you manage to get […]

CF is a genetically inherited condition that affects the lungs and the digestive system.  The gritty side of it is that I have a faulty gene which produces sticky mucus that clogs up the lungs and digestive system.  I know it’s gross, but it is what it is.  And there’s no cure.  Yet.   Living with CF ain’t no walk in […]