I guess this is the part where I say my name right?  Well I’m Kathleen Eveling.  I’m a big fan of cheese, writing and buying too many books. If you want to know how I roll, there’s a thrilling video explaining 10 facts about me below!

This blog is about sharing my experiences, tips and thoughts on Cystic Fibrosis.

Cystic Fi- What?! I hear you say!

Cystic Fibrosis (or CF) is a condition that effects mainly the lungs and digestive system.  I was diagnosed when I was two and have with lived with it ever since. So I know a thing or two about how it works.  Check out The Facts page for more details.

My aim is to raise awareness of the condition by telling you how it really is.

(Please note that I am not speaking for everyone with CF as we are all very different and are in different situations.  This is just my perspective of The View From The Other Side)