I had to sit down and write this. My heart is exploding… 

Yesterday the music festival called ‘MK17 Music In The Park’ was put on in our village. And it’s all in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

At the beginning of this year I finally started to come to terms with CF, and I think that’s why what I’m about to say hit me so hard.  There was a moment yesterday where I stopped what I was doing, and looked out at everyone there. To tell you the truth I was overcome with emotions, because of the vast amount of support that surrounded the whole festival. Let me explain…

There were friends of my parents who came down to help set up in the morning. There were people who came up from London to volunteer on the Pimms stall, there were Aunts and Uncles that sold bric-a-brac (all for CF) some who came from Essex, and the other from Stevenage (both over an hour away). Two of my cousins did the face painting who did an incredible job in which ALL of the money they made went to CF. Another Cousin, drove up all the way from Cornwall to play trumpet with my brothers band, and did it all for free, despite us offering travel costs and performing fee! (he’s a high class trumpet player!!) So. Many. Emotions.❤

The boyfriend helped out on cooking bacon rolls for the volunteers in the morning, and also helped on the Pimms and Prosecco stall for the majority of the day…you’re all alright, you are!

Then there were neighbours who took the CF buckets around the crowd to ask for donations. I had two of my dog walking clients come along, and even if it was just for the music, it meant a lot to see them there.  I met old school friends, (I’m talking primary school days!) where it was so lovely to catch up.

The compare, Brian Two, who introduced the bands was just a great guy. He was fun and energetic and did it all for free! Because it’s a charity event the bands play for free too! Even a couple of them were donating their albums to people! We also got the stage (which was two lorries deep this year) donated to us for free. The generosity of people really astounds me!

Then there’s the sound team, who not only did the sound, but helped set up the whole stage, ready for the bands to come on so it could run as smoothly as possible. They also set up their high quality equipment completely free of charge! Thank you Rob, Steve and Mary for working tirelessly throughout the day. It sounded epic!

A huge thank you to Melanie who gave a heart warming speech about her daughter who had CF. It was incredibly brave, thank you for continuing to raise awareness.

There were around 600-700 people in the crowd, chilling out to some music, drinking, eating and generally having a great time. It brought a whole community of people together whilst raising money for the CF trust. Normally people give a couple of quid when the bucket comes round, but the amount of people who put notes in this year was phenomenal! Even half of the money raised from the raffle was donated to CF.

Then there’s Mum. Every year she organises the Tombola stall, she buys all the Pimms and Prosecco, the ice, fruit and glasses. She has help from her friends who also have children with CF, and together they put so much effort into raising money for the cause that means so much to them. Thank you guys! And thank you Mum for always being so generous.❤

I’ve deliberately left this next one till last. And that’s Dad. He, with the help of two friends, organise and plan the whole event. They don’t get paid to do it but instead they give up their evenings and countless hours to put it together. When I think of how my Dad loves music and how he’s turned that passion into a huge charity event to raise money for his daughters cause, and many others, it makes my heart swell with pride. I am so incredibly lucky to have a kind hearted, determined Dad who puts himself under a lot of stress to make the festival what it is. Of course a massive pat on the back goes to John and Simon who also put a lot of hours in too. Without you guys, it wouldn’t be possible. Without you guys, you wouldn’t bring a community of people together. Thank you.

And Dad? I’m so grateful for everything you do to make this work. And a thought struck me yesterday, that in a way, if I didn’t have CF the festival might not happen, or else it would, but for another charity or just a simple music festival. I’m not being egotistical here I just feel like I’m one of the reasons that MK17 Music In The Park happens. And it gets me all emotional. I’m so proud of what you’ve achieved.❤

And finally, to everyone who came, it means so much to me I really can’t put it into coherent words just how much it means! I was simply overwhelmed at the event this year. It was a beautiful day and a great turnout. I reckon we’ve raised quite a bit, so keep an eye out on the social medias to know the final count!

So in that moment when I looked out at the crowd, it filled me with an abundance of emotions to see many people support The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, a charity which has helped me, and so many others purely because of the generosity of others. Thank you

My heart is exploding ❤💛❤