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My Dad used to say to me ‘How do you eat an elephant?’ after I replied with either ‘I wouldn’t’ or a sarcastic ‘with a knife and fork?’,  he would say ‘one mouthful at a time.’ The elephant stated is not so much referred to as the animal, but to the animals size.  What my […]

So it’s August. And today I wanted to talk about something which has weighed heavily on my mind for the last few weeks. Being a Failure. Feeling like you’ve failed at something is totally rubbish. Because it sucks out any hope you have left. So what exactly have I ‘failed’ at? Basically, in a nut […]

Mental Health. A tough subject to tackle yet a necessary one to discuss. I’ve been trying to write this post since September last year (about six months now!!) and because it required me to delve into the depths of my brain and pull out chunks of my past, I understandably kept putting it off! I […]